A company devoted to finding and inventing new ways to keep your young champs active and detach them from the craze of digital & electronic medium like mobiles, tablets, TV’s etc. The main objective of the worksheet is to create the missing bond between the parents and the kids, to spend quality time with kids and increase their thinking capabilities from an early age. We are sure these products will create a great impact on the kids and make them more pro-active and engaging. It is a complete kit with all necessary articles needed to complete the activities.

It is a moment of pride to share my accomplishment and my company’s achievements in the field of education by providing a platform apart from digital media.

Being an engineering graduate with a decade of experience in the IT field and long hours of work shifts, one day I just noticed that my 2 year old daughter was using my iPad viewing videos on YouTube and she was so hooked and got used to it that we were finding it very difficult to divert her attention, which created a fear and concern deep inside my heart. When discussing this problem in my office I found that many of my colleagues were facing the same problem with their kids, and we engineers are good at finding solution for problems.

After a deep study and having consulted many pre-school teachers we decide to design colorful work sheets with creative activities to keep the kids engaged and make it more interesting for the kids to spend time to improve their analytical skills and keep them active with more to do things on paper which creates a lively atmosphere and make the kids more talented and responsive.