Increases Attention Span and Focus

Because the worksheets are hands-on and fun, children are engaged. This engagement helps children develop longer attention spans and increase focus.

Teaches Important Content

Active Rabbits’ worksheets help children learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colours. In addition, children will work with patterns, mazes, rhyming words, step-by-step drawing, and symmetry drawing. Because the worksheets are re-usable, children can complete them over and over again. This repetition helps to solidify learning. 

Promotes Development of Fine Motor Skills

Active Rabbits’ kit includes worksheets focused on developing fine motor skills. 

Activities include:

 I) Lacing shoestrings 

II) Forming shapes using craft sticks

 III) Identifying objects matching a particular shape

 IV) Learn addition by playing dice etc.,

Develop Communication and Social Skills

Children who complete these activities with others will develop important communication and social skills. Students will help each other and provide directions. Learning how to collaborate and communicate will benefit children for a lifetime.

Endless Fun and Engagement

About 100 laminated paper-based activities are available to parents to guide their kids on various activities. These attractive and colourful worksheets will provide endless variety and hours of learning fun.

Battle Over Electronics

Since the introduction of smartphones in 2007, the use of screens has only increased. As a result, effective non-screen activities for children have been overlooked and often forgotten. The study also shows the exposure to electronic media to kids could cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches.

     Active Rabbits provides effective alternatives to screens in the form of paper-based activities for children between the ages of two and six.

     These paper-based activities or worksheets help young children develop both cognitive and fine motor skills while teaching letters, numbers, shapes, colours, and vocabulary. And because Active Rabbits’ worksheets are laminated, children can use them over and over again.     

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